Out and About

Out and About

To Experience in Genk and the wider area.

Lavendine Pure is located in the heart of Limburg, in green Genk, near Bokrijk and Hasselt. 'Cycling through the water' can be experienced near our B&B, also 'Cycling through the heath' is nearby. Whether you want to unwind by bike or on foot, soak up culture, go shopping, enjoy Burgundy, blissful wellness or recharge your batteries during a massage, it's all possible! Lavendine Pure is also close to several interesting golf courses.

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With us you come to rest in the middle of nature, Lavendine Pure is located on the walking network of the nature reserve 'De Maten', which belongs to the '1001 wijers of Limburg'. Nature Park Hoge Kempen is also a stone's throw from our B&B.

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Those who want to enjoy hiking have options galore in Genk. You can explore the large Genk nature reserves "De Wijers" including "De Maten" - "Kiewit Nature Reserve" - "De Teut and Ten Haagdoorn" - The National Park "Hoge Kempen" , ...




Lavendine Pure is in the middle of the bicycle network. It is blissful cycling in our beautiful surroundings and nature. You can bring your own bike and safely park (and recharge) with us,or you can rent a (electric) bike from us. The network consists of bicycle paths connected by nodes. At each junction, it is possible to adjust your route to make your bike ride as long or as short as you like. The network is a total of 1,860 km long, have fun cycling!



If you are rather a lover of shopping and would like to soak up the fashion trends in atmospheric shopping malls nearby, as you please:




Golf Course Spiegelven is a very varied course constructed in a wooded and slightly hilly environment. The amateur golfer easily finds his way to the big, fast greens via moors, water hazards, deciduous and coniferous trees.The better player or the "pro", on the other hand, has the chance to conjure the full arsenal of strokes out of the hat : a draw here, a fade there, a daring drive to cut a corner ... A real challenge !




Dive into the mining past and discover how the industry of the past is the basis for innovation, creativity and art today! Genk: surprisingly versatile! Moreover, our B&B Lavendine Pure leans against Hasselt and Diepenbeek. Read more for our tips!


Visiting the apiary with Freddy

Tour ( 2h) with tasting at the beekeeper (Imkerij t Fleurtje in Genk). In fine weather, Freddy and Cilleke also offer a summer terrace.

Now that's enjoyment!

Price: 5 euros per person for the tour

When: possible every day after telephone reservation

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In Genk you can eat out delicious and cozy! Flavors from around the world can be discovered in our neighborhood...here are some culinary tips that we think are definitely worth a visit.


Honesty bar

In the entrance hall of our B&B, we are happy to offer you the opportunity to choose and enjoy a regional or organic drink. We offer these drinks at democratic prices. The regional products we've chilled for you are all Limburg favorites. This gives you the chance to discover this tasty part of Limburg as well. Because we love pure and healthy, we also provide refreshing bio drinks.

We would like to give you some background information on some of the regional products we are proud to offer you